A practical, Hands-on Bootcamp designed for future aspiring Data Scientists seeking experiential training opportunities

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Empower Students with the Fundamentals of Data Science:

The labor market is hungry for skilled data wranglers and pays them well, but few schools offer high school data science classes as part of their STEM education. Data Science Foundations and the supplemental exploration labs along with live interactive trainings are available to Grades 8-12 and College Students from our online learning platform.

AITP introduces students to the main ideas in data science through free tools such as Google Sheets, Python and Data Commons. Students will learn to be data explorers in project-based units, through which they will develop their understanding of data analysis, sampling, correlation/causation, bias and uncertainty, probability, modeling with data, making and evaluating data-based arguments, the power of data in society, and more! At the end of the course students will have a portfolio of their data science work to showcase their newly developed abilities. The curriculum is adaptable so that teachers can bring in datasets or use what is provided to find datasets most relevant to their students.

The STEM course for Data Science training program covers a wide range of topics that are essential for building a strong foundation in this field. The course includes instruction on statistics, programming, data structures and algorithms, data cleaning and preprocessing, data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, big data, ethics, and privacy. Through the course, students will gain practical skills in data manipulation, visualization, and analysis, as well as a deeper understanding of the underlying mathematical and computational principles that make Data Science possible. With this knowledge, students will be well-prepared for a career in Data Science, one of the most in-demand fields in today's job market.

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Hands-On Bootcamp for Young Minds
  • Duration
    6 weeks of twice-a-week LIVE Online hands-on sessions (2 hours each session) led by 2 hours each session led by practicing Data Scientists
  • Frequency of Class meetups
    Twice a week LIVE hands-on Online sessions on
    Saturday 9 AM CST to 11 AM CST
    Sunday 9 AM CST to 11 AM CST
  • Price
    $650 (Covers all lucid style training, reading material, textbooks, guaranteed AITP Python certificate, project datasets, lifelong access to recordings and much more) No payment details needed for the first two free classes
  • Certificate
    GUARANTEED AITP certificate on Python for Data Science and AI
  • Tools Covered
    Python programming with basic and advanced AI packages and Google Data Studio. No previous programming knowledge needed.
  • Recommended Age Group
    11 and above.
  • Life-long Access to Online Recordings

Target Students :
Grades 8-12 and College Students
Curriculum :
STEM based with focus on Data Science including Python and AI
Time :
6 Weeks/ 2 Times Per Week


Lesson Topics Include:

Fill out our request form and we will send you all you need to know about our 5-star rated AI Bootcamp for Grades 8-12 and College Students.
- Data Science Concepts
- Python
- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Tableau (Data Visualization)
- Microsoft Power BI (Analytics & Data Visualization)
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