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Get Trained - Get Hired

AITP’s Advanced IT Training and Placement program partners with reputable recruiting firms to help potential job seekers land their dream career job in the IT industry. AITP has been consistently striving hard to network with the best recruiters out there who partner with hiring managers and Fortune 500 companies in filling their open positions.
After completing the bootcamp, AITP learners are handed over to the talent acquisition department of their partner recruiting firms. The recruiters review their resumes, provide interview-taking tips, and market their resumes to the right job opportunities. AITP candidates are placed within a short time frame on average because of the extensive work done by the AITP and their partner recruiting organizations throughout the recruitment process, that includes 1:1 interaction with each learner, to ensure they are getting the feedback and resources they need to get a new job
One of the reasons why AITP has been successful in placing thousands of candidates in their dream IT career is due to its partnership with reputable recruiting firms. The partnering firms have an in-house payroll and marketing department, and they make sure AITP candidates are given the highest priority because they trust our curriculum and graduates.
AITP has placed thousands of candidates in their dream IT careers, and its partnering firms recognize the high quality of its training program. The institute's graduates have gone on to work in various IT roles, including data scientists, software engineers, web developers, data analysts, cybersecurity experts, and more.
According to a survey conducted by AITP, over 85% of its graduates have found employment within three months of completing their training, with an average starting salary of $77,750 per annum. This impressive placement rate is a testament to AITP's commitment to providing quality IT training and partnering with the best recruiting firms in the industry.
In conclusion, AITP's partnership with reputable recruiting firms is a win-win for both the institute's learners and the IT industry. The institute's learners receive quality IT training and are placed in their dream IT careers, while the industry gains skilled and competent IT professionals. AITP's dedication to its students' success is what sets it apart from other IT training institutes.

Our graduates work for the world's top companies

Our institution offers comprehensive job preparation and coaching services, commencing upon enrollment, and persisting until successful job placement, irrespective of your background. Unlike other bootcamps, we provide unwavering support to ensure that you obtain a lucrative employment opportunity. You can count on us to facilitate your career aspirations.

Get the skills you need to get a job

At AITP, we collaborate with employers to gain insight into their skill requirements, and subsequently impart you with highly sought-after expertise. Through our program, you will acquire hands-on work experience, providing you with the necessary foundation to embark on a gratifying career. Take online classes with flexible, live instruction.

• Complete hands-on coding projects with personalized feedback.

• Get daily support from peers, staff, and instructors.

• Practice professional skills that help you get hired.

• Gain 100+ coding hours.

Work on a team on a Real-World project

The AITP Labs serves as our unique value proposition. Like a professional environment, you will engage in collaborative teamwork with fellow learners to develop and deliver a project that will be a simulator of a real-world experience during our program.

• Build a real product that makes a real impact.

• Collaborate with learners, work in a team.

• Add real work to your portfolio.

• Participate in code reviews.

• Gain necessary project experience.

Graduate job-ready with the confidence to get hired

Our institution remains committed to providing comprehensive support to our learners, both during their program and post-graduation, to refine their portfolio, enhance their interviewing skills, and offer additional assistance to secure their desired job opportunity. We strive to ensure that our learners achieve their career aspirations by delivering quality resources and support.

If you don't get a job, your tuition is on US

At AITP, we understand that one of the primary goals of enrolling in our program is to obtain gainful employment in the IT industry. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our 100% job placement guarantee program with our partner recruiting firms, which is designed to ensure that you achieve your career aspirations.

Under this program, if you are unable to secure a job within three to six months of graduating from our program, we will sponsor your next bootcamp at AITP. We are committed to working with you until you are placed in a suitable position that aligns with your professional goals.

It is essential to note that certain terms and conditions apply to this program. For instance, you must attend all job coaching sessions and follow our guidelines to be eligible for this guarantee. Nevertheless, we believe that this initiative reflects our commitment to your success and our confidence in the quality of our training.

Thank you for choosing AITP, and we look forward to supporting your journey towards a fulfilling IT career.

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